Agricultural Company

Guest: Palazzo Vecchio agricultural company
Location: Borgo San Lorenzo (FI)

Project: JJP managed a collaboration between Palazzo Vecchio and the Centro di Ricerche Agro-Ambietali “Enrico Avanzi”, the Cooperativa Produttori Latte Terre del Granducato and Impresa Verde Toscana for the SMART-MILKING project (for more information The expected results in this project, especially the production factors improvement, animal welfare and production costs have been largely achieved.

Milking is one of the fundamental aspects in milk production in terms of working hours and animal health. Even if the Grossi company had already been at the forefront of these aspects, we assist the entrepreneur in introducing a new technological tool in Tuscany: the milking robot. A collaboration agreement was created with Palazzo Vecchio farmhouse.


Location: Borgo San Lorenzo (FI)

Project: The Palazzo Vecchio farmhouse has always paid a lot of attention to people with disabilities and in order to increase the offer it decided to renovate a new building in this perspective.
The facade and the roof have been restored, and two special valuable accessible apartments have been created. Everything is in harmony with the historical nature and the Mugello landscape and the interiors are enhanced by Tuscan traditional decor.