Franco Baggiani’s Pian dei Ciliegi business center

Guest: Franco Baggiani’s Pian dei Ciliegi business center

Location: Borgo San Lorenzo (FI) loc. San Cresci

Project: The project started a long time ago when Mr. Baggiani showed us the landscaped grounds on which he wanted to build his business center overlooking the Borgo San Lorenzo in the middle of olive trees.
Step by step we guided him in the project of the houses, stables, store and the remittance agricultural machinery. Actually, the entrepreneur’s house has been built and agricultural outbuildings are under construction. In order to fit the building as best as possible in the surrounding environment, it was decided to build it in GREEN BUILDING. The residential building is spread over two floors above ground and it has a floor area of 110 square meters. The structure is made of X-lam wood and the walls have thermal-insulating coat, painting etc. The energy performance places the structure in class A.